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Here’s Why You Should Try The Diamond Facial

Learn about the benefits of Diamond Facial and get a free facial at Slimmers World Face & Skin Clinic – Bacoor

Diamonds are girls’ best friend. And now, they can enjoy it not only in jewels but also in their skincare. Let your face shine bright like a diamond with this facial treatment at Slimmers World Face & Skin Clinic – Bacoor.

What is Diamond Facial?

Diamond Facial is a facial treatment that uses a machine with diamond tip wands. It is recommended for those who have acne-prone skin, blemished skin, scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin pigmentations.

Benefits of Diamond Facial

There are many reasons why you should try the Diamond Facial. 

1. It detoxifies your skin

Your face is always exposed to the sun and pollution. With Diamond Facial, it will detoxify your face by cleansing it thoroughly, removing the dirt like blackheads and whiteheads deep in your pores, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. 

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2. It exfoliates your dead skin cells

Did you know that diamond is an excellent exfoliant? It can remove the dead skin cells, increasing the metabolic function of your skin which can help boost cell regeneration. 

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3. It has anti-aging properties

Blood carries all the vital nutrients of our skin. Diamond Facial helps stimulate blood circulation on our face which delays skin aging. That’s why many people around the world prefer this treatment.

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4. It keeps your face hydrated

Keeping your skin hydrated can help control breakouts. Having a Diamond Facial will leave your skin hydrated, soft and moisturized.

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Where to try Diamond Facial

Diamond Facial is one of the most luxurious facials that you should try. There are many clinics offering this treatment but it’s either not affordable or the service is not good at all. But fret not! Slimmers World Face & Skin Clinic, including their newly opened Face & Skin Clinic Bacoor Center, offers this treatment at much affordable price yet high-quality service. The treatment includes cleansing, pricking, and facial mask. 

I have oily skin kaya I'm prone to breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads. So I tried the Diamond Facial treatment of Slimmers World Face and Skin Clinic – Bacoor Center last week. Grabe ang gaan ng kamay ni ate! The pricking part was almost painless. Pulahin lang talaga ang face ko kaya after the session, namumula ako. But all in all, the treatment was great. Super fresh ang feeling after the facial. You should try their facial treatment too!Avail FREE FACIAL and 10% DISCOUNT on ANY TREATMENTS by presenting the e-voucher posted on the comment section. The e-voucher is EXCLUSIVE AT BACOOR CLINIC.

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Personal Verdict

Right after the facial, you can actually see the difference. I find my skin more fresh, cleaner, and brighter after having a Diamond Facial.  What I love about their service is that their facial specialist was so good that the pricking part felt almost painless! The ambiance in Slimmers World Face & Skin Clinic – Bacoor is so cozy, it will make you feel so relaxed while having your favorite treatment. Also, before trying any treatment, you’ll have a one-on-one skin consultation first with their doctor which I find very important because not all skin types are the same and not all treatments fit all skin types. 

Get Free Facial 

Try their facial yourself and see the difference. Show the e-voucher below upon visiting Slimmers World Face & Skin Clinic – Bacoor and get a FREE FACIAL. Plus, you can get 10% DISCOUNT on ANY TREATMENT that you would like to avail. All you need is book an appointment via Facebook and show the e-voucher below. Walk-ins are also welcome but it is highly advisable to book an appointment first prior to your visit.

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