Here’s How You Can Make Bonding Moments More Sweet-Sarap

Make bonding moments at home more Sweet-Sarap with Jolly Spaghetti

Because of the pandemic, kids have to stay at home 24/7 to be safe. It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started, and kids totally miss all the fun they used to experience when everything was normal. But staying at home doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun. Now that parents are spending more time with their kids, it’s best to make the most out of the situation and foster a joyful and exciting atmosphere at home.

Activities to do at home

Make the most out of the situation with these activities that you can do with the whole family.

1. Home movies

kids watching tv
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Miss going to movie houses? Why not watch some movies at home together with the whole family or watch your kids’ favorite cartoons. Schedule a movie day every week, grab some popcorn and watch your favorite movies together.

2. Stay fit together

children's gym
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Introduce your kids to a healthy lifestyle at their early age. You can start by doing daily exercises together or turn an available space in your home into a children’s gym.

3. Try some DIY projects

child doing DIY project
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There are many DIY projects that you can do at home like creating your own face mask. Try looking for some ideas on Pinterest to get you started.

4. Explore some games

playing jenga
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Got some new video games or mobile games? Play with your kids to make it even more fun for them. You can also introduce them to some games you used to play at home as a child.

5. Camping in the backyard

little girl in a teepee tent
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Have a large space in the backyard? Why not camp overnight with the kids so they can still enjoy the outdoors.

6. Enjoy your favorite meal at home

Skip the cooking and order your kid’s favorite Jolly Spaghetti to make your bonding moment more sweet-sarap. A plate of the meatiest, cheesiest, and sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti will surely make a child (and a child at heart) happy.

The latest commercial from Jollibee encourages exactly this, showing that parents can do a lot of at-home activities for their bonding time. From interactive storytelling through role-playing, teaming up on building giant lego castles, and jamming to the new dance crazes and games together, there is always a way to make your children happy.




To top it all, the meatiest, cheesiest and sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti is always guaranteed to make these daily bonding moments memorable and sweet-sarap na walang katulad, while being affordable, and easy and convenient to order.

“Keeping your children happy by spending quality time with them is truly important during these challenging times. We’re glad to contribute to making family bonding moments with the kids sweeter and more fun with their all-time favorite Jolly Spaghetti.” said Jollibee Marketing AVP for Bestsellers Cathleen Capati.


The Jolly Spaghetti is available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for only Php 50 solo, and P200 as a Family Pan good for four to five people. Have it safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda! Also available in Drive-Thru and Take Out.


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