Taiko-ya Guesthouse: Experience Japan’s Traditional Home

Spend less and experience more at Taiko-ya Guesthouse

A historic home in Kyoto, Taiko-ya Guesthouse preserved the beauty of Japan’s traditional-style houses. It has two branches in Kyoto, one in Gojo and the other one is in Rokkaku near Karasume Oike. The one near Karakasuma Oike Subway Station is a 130-year old guesthouse while the other one is 180-year old. Both stands in the midst of the bustling city and are mainly made up of expensive wood materials which make sounds travel easily.


Taiko-ya Guesthouse in Karasume has one master bedroom on the ground floor and more rooms on the second floor. The master bedroom has the exclusive view of the garden and is near the shower room and three toilets. The shower room has a wooden tub made from Japan’s finest wood. The one on Gojo, on the other hand, is much bigger. It has three master bedrooms on the ground floor, a women-only dormitory, and more rooms on the second floor. It also has two gardens and a patio on the second floor.
Taiko-ya Guesthouse
Master bedroom in Oike | Photo from Booking.com
Taiko-ya Guesthouse
Shower room in Oike | Photo from Booking.com


Expect great hospitality from the staff and a relaxing ambiance when you stay at Taiko-ya Guesthouse. They also have bicycles available for rental. The front desk is open during the following times: Monday – Sunday: 8 AM – 11 AM and 4 PM – 9 PM. Since food can be quite expensive, you may cook your own food in the kitchen for free as well as do your laundry for only 100 Yen. They also have available hairdryers that you can use for free during your stay.
Taiko-ya Guesthouse
Bicycle Rental | Photo from Booking.com


Taiko-ya Guesthouse in Oike is located at 105-1 Nishirokkaku-cho, Kyoto, Kyoto 604-8217. With its strategic locations, you can visit a lot of places during the day via bicycle. You also get a cab just in front of the guesthouse since it is located along the street. There are lots of vending machines near the place and a mini market as well. Family Mart is only 5-minutes walk away from the guesthouse while the nearest subway is 10-minutes away. The nearest tourist spots are the Nijo Castle, Gallery of Kyoto Arts and Crafts, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Shinto Shrine, and Nishiki Market Shopping District.

Lodging can be quite expensive in Japan, especially during peak seasons. If you want to spend less, you may opt to stay at a hostel like Taiko-ya Guesthouse. Aside from saving bucks, another benefit in staying a hostel is that you get to meet other people. Mingle with other tourists and learn about other cultures and languages.
Experience Japan’s traditional home at Taiko-ya Guesthouse. To know more about them, follow them on Instagram.

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