How To Take A Perfect Foodstagram Photos Using A Smartphone

Make those foodstagram photos of yours loved by many with Oppo F3!

You might be following some Instagram accounts that take great Instagram-worthy food for some time now. You may be wondering how on earth did they take that likable shot? I am not a professional in photography but you can still trust my skills in foodstagramming. Below are some tips on how to take a perfect foodstagram photos using a smartphone.





1.Let there be light.

When it comes to taking photos, lighting is everything. Natural light is the best light you could use to take a stunning shot. Lucky you if your smartphone can take great shots even in low lighting. Use of camera flash is a BIG NO! Flashes are harsh to the subject especially if taken directly to it.



2. Look for a nice background.

It can be a fancy wall or a clean table that matches the vibe of your food. A great background can enhance the beauty of your shot, especially with a proper lighting.



3. It’s all about the perspective angles.

You can shoot at a 45-degree angle, a top shot, or just sit down and take a shot of it from your point of view. Choosing the right angle depends on first, the background and second, the output that you want to achieve.


4. Add some props.

While keeping it plain can also do the trick, surrounding the subject with some props won’t hurt a bit just ake sure it won’t make look so crowded in the camera. It can be something that is available on your table or the chosen background or something that you have and want to use like sunglasses, books, etc. If you have a lot of food and wants to take a shot of it together, you can do it as well. As long as there still enough space to see.



5. Give attention to detail, composition and frame.

Most important tip is to give attention to detail, composition, and frame. Make sure that the subject is clear and the camera is focused on it. You can also do the rule of thirds for a better composition. If the food is something you can hold, then just grab it, look for a nice background, and snap it.


Not your ordinary yogurt. #BLK513PH #DarkSkimDetox

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6. Enhance the photo.

There are a lot of available photo editing apps for smartphones that you can choose from. I, myself, normally use VSCO and Snapseed to edit my photos especially when I’m so lazy to use Photoshop or Lightroom to do the post-process of the shots. It’s okay to enhance your photos, just make sure that it will still look natural and realistic.



#SpottedInSG: The first Cat Cafe in Chinatown 🐱 More details soon on my blog. #DiscoverSingapore

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Aside from these tips, you will need a reliable smartphone that can capture great foodstagram-worthy photos. And I prefer to use Oppo F3 for better foodstagram photos.


Why choose Oppo F3 for better foodstagram photos?

1. It’s light-weight

I prefer to use it over camera because it’s light-weight. For a commuter like me, I’d rather bring something lighter than a bulky DSLR to take some foodstagram shots.




2.  It has a great camera

Both front and rear cameras produce great shots! Plus, the rear camera can produce an ultra-HD shot which can capture all the beauty and details of the moment, how cool is that? Also, it’s not only for great for selfies and groupfies alike as it has 16MP dual front cameras that can capture every moment.




3. Low light power

Oppo F3 has 1/3 inch sensor that allows the camera to maximize light sensitivity, making wonderful performance even in low-light shots. So even on night time, you can still take great foodstagram shots!


4. Expert Mode

Just like a DSLR camera, Oppo F3 allows you to manually adjust the parameters like focus, white balance, ISO and more using Expert Mode. You can be creative and customize your shots just like a professional photographer!


5. Long-lasting battery

I believe that battery is almost everyone’s problem. Especially for a blogger like me, I need a tool that can last longer. Luckily, Oppo F3 has 3200mAh battery that is long lasting! But still, bring a powerbank especially if you will be using your phone more than 8hrs straight shooting photos and videos!


Level up your foodstagram with Oppo F3! You can find this phone at any Oppo Store nationwide. For more details about the product, you can visit Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for promos and updates.  Aside from #foodstagram, also use #OppoF3 and #SelfieExpert on your foodstagram posts.Happy foodstagramming!

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