How To Take A Selfie With Your Fluffy Friends?

They are so fluffy that you want to take a selfie with them.

These adorable fluffy pets make us wanna take a selfie with them, either for a social media post or just a memory to keep. But how can you take the best selfies if they are so playful? Let me give you some tips on how to take a selfie with your fluffy friends.




1.Make them feel comfortable around you

If they feel comfortable around you, they will tend to stay longer. You could either comb their hair or rub their belly to make them feel comfortable around you.




2. Get their attention

Grab something that can get their attention, either a food or a toy. Then place it behind your phone to make them look at the camera. But make it quick as you can’t get their attention much longer. They get distracted easily.

See how she looks at the food. But you gotta place it behind the phone so they will look like they’re looking at the camera.


3. Use a smartphone with great camera

Of course, you want a beautiful shot and not a pixelated or blurry one. But you need a smartphone that has a great camera and can take beautiful clear shots. For me, I only trust the #SelfieExpert. I use Oppo F3 to capture the best selfies with my fluffy friends. Oppo F3 can produce the best selfies with its dual selfie camera that can snap a usual selfie shot and a groupfie shot. It also has a Beautify 4.0 with Bokeh effect which can make your photos more beautiful. It has a palm shutter that provides a fun and unusual way to take your selfies. Plus, Oppo F3 can produce bright and beautiful selfies even in low light. Isn’t great?


She loves to take a selfie with Oppo F3 that she won’t even mind not having me with her on the picture.


Capture the best selfies with your fluffy friends using Oppo F3! You can find this phone at any Oppo Store nationwide. For more details about the product, you can visit Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for promos and updates. Don’t forget to use #OppoF3 and #SelfieExpert on your selfies with your fluffy friends. Happy selfie!

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