LOOK: Tanduay x Secret Fresh Collection

Tanduay collaborated with Secret Fresh’ DJ Bigboy Cheng for a collection of vintage wear

Wear the iconic labels and logos of Tanduay with the Secret Fresh treatment from the vintage collection of two Filipino brands — Tanduay and Secret Fresh. Choose among the variety of varsity jackets, hoodies and tees. According to DJ Bigboy Cheng, the proprietor and owner of Secret Fresh who is known here and abroad for his passion for collecting toys and shoes, this collaboration is dedicated to the late Tanduay President Lucio “Bong” Tan Jr., whom he considered a friend. He also shared that it is Secret Fresh’s aim to highlight Philippine culture. For its designs for Tanduay, they drew inspiration from the 165-year-old rum maker’s classy, vintage look.

Tanduay x Secret Fresh collection

Now exclusively available at Secret Fresh at the RONAC Art Center in Greenhills, the collection comes in 14 selections. There are tees in white and black; varsity jackets in red-white and black-red; and hoodies in black and red to choose from.

Tanduay x Secret Fresh collection

Secret Fresh is hailed as the top pop art gallery in the country. It started out as a store specializing in art toys and eventually became a gallery where both local and foreign artists and brands get to collaborate with Secret Fresh for designs and prints on toys, streetwear, and other items.

Secret Fresh store

One of the artists that it has collaborated with is none other than National Artist for Visual Arts BenCab, one of Cheng’s idols, for a series of sculptures and limited-edition caps. 

For more information about the Tanduay x Secret Fresh collection, visit the Secret Fresh website and Facebook page.

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