The Anatomy Of A Great Content Creator

What does it mean to be a great content creator and why I want to be a #BlogOPPOlis Creator Scholar

People might be wondering what a content creator is. Is it different from a blogger? Vlogger? Writer? Photographer? Basically, a content creator is a person who creates content, it may be an article, videos, graphics, etc. In this digital world, content and marketing work hand-in-hand like Batman and Robin. Most companies nowadays use content marketing as one of their strategies.

Bloggers, Vloggers, Writers, and Photographers are considered as content creators. But it still doesn’t mean that all of their contents are compelling and valuable. So what does it take to become a good content creator? I’ve come up with the anatomy of a great content creator based on my research.

1. A great content creator plans their content

Outlining your contents help you stay focus on your end goal. It becomes easier for you to produce a content when you already outline the contents that you want to create. It also helps you organize your contents so you will not forget your intended objectives.




2. A great content creator understands their audience

As a content creator, one should understand the insights of their audience. Remember, you are not just educating yourself, you are educating others through your content. Understanding your audience will help you identify what content works for them and what isn’t. Always keep in mind that contents aren’t only measured through analytics but through the engagements that you make with your audience.


3. A great content creator educates their audience

Being a content creator, one should learn how to educate their audience and not focus on how to sell something to them. People prefer personal insights contents rather than commercialized ones. Educating is more powerful than selling. If you need to market something through content, educate the audience through contents. Building trust and loyalty of your audience give a great return, although not immediately.




4. A great content creator consistently creates content

Despite any circumstances, you have to be consistent in creating contents. It gives you the potential to draw an audience to check your contents. Although too often can be too much, learn how to balance it making sure that you don’t overwhelm your audience. Better if you create a content plan and strategize the frequency of creating and posting contents for you to ensure that you provide your audience the daily resources that they want to receive.


5. A great content creator updates their knowledge and skills.

Enhancing your skills and learning new things help you gain a competitive edge among others. Never stop learning. As a content creator, you must be updated not outdated. Besides, search engines love fresh contents.

This is why I wanted to be a #BlogOPPOlis Content Scholar. I do believe that on the upcoming Blogopolis event, I would learn many things from successful content creators who can help me upgrade my skills and ideas of being a content creator. Remember folks, learning never stops. Continuous learning helps us upgrade our knowledge and skill set as well as refreshes our minds with new ideas.






In case you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you better register and join the upcoming Blogopolis event at Dusit Thani Manila this April 14. Visit their website for more details.

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