Three Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

She conceived us for nine months, experienced painful labor for hours, rearing us from the day we were born until we entered adulthood, love us unconditionally more than herself, the woman behind who we are today.

She is our Nanay, Inay, Nay, Ermats, Mama, Mommy or simply, Mom. They’ve been through a lot, it’s time to give back the efforts they did for us by making them feel the love that we have for them on their special day.

You might be wondering how to spend Mother’s day with her this year. Let me help you by giving you some things you can do with her this Mother’s day.


1. Dine with Mom

Go have some dinner with Mom after a whole day of work or cleaning. You can opt to stay at home a prepare a delicious meal for her or ask your Mom out and dine somewhere you haven’t been to.


2. Gift-giving

You can also go for a basic gift-giving tradition. Buy her something that you think she’ll appreciate or need. It can be a new lipstick, watch, bag, shoes, a hanky, or even an apron!


3. Relaxation

She’s definitely been tired and sleepless since the day you were born. Why not let her have the relaxation that she needs? Maybe a nice whole body massage? With hot stones perhaps? Try Bali Bliss Nails and Day Spa. They offer a wide selection of relaxation treats. Plus, they offer home service too!



Make her feel special on Mother’s day in any way you like. It can be a simple dinner at home that you prepared for her, do the tasks for the day and let her have a break, go shopping with her, or have a nice relaxation with her. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate Mother’s day, it’s the thought that counts. Happy Mother’s day to all mothers in the universe.

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