Tips On Receiving Packages Safely During the Pandemic

Find out how you can safely receive your package during COVID-19 Pandemic

With the strictly implemented Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) all over Luzon,  most retail stores, malls, and even restaurants have been closed until further notice. Now, most people are switching to online shopping to avoid the crowd and practice social distancing. With that said, many brands and businesses are now offering deliveries via online ordering to further cater the consumers without the need of leaving their homes.
Buying online became an easier and more practical way to shop for their needs while staying safely at their homes. Aside from its contribution to stopping the spread of the virus, this solution has also led to a growth in the e-Commerce industry. According to a report by Google, Bain & Company, and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings[1], Southeast Asia’s e-Commerce industry is the biggest factor for the region’s growth as it has grown from a GMV value of US$5.5 billion dollars in 2015 to US$38 billion in 2019. Now, the sector is on track to exceed US$150 billion by 2025.
Since online shopping is helping both the people and the economy, J&T Express, the number one e-Commerce delivery company in Southeast Asia, believes that delivery couriers are the “Unsung Heroes on Two Wheels” during this pandemic because it would not be possible for food, groceries, and other essentials to be delivered to people without them.

Is my package safe?

According to a new study by MedRxiv[1], COVID-19 lives for 24 hours on cardboard and 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, thus giving you the option of letting the virus die out first before taking out your package, however that would only be good news for non-perishable goods.
But fret not, because all delivery couriers are obliged to strictly follow ECQ guidelines mandated by the Department of Information and Communications Technology such as social distancing, and ensure that they are equipped with facemasks, gloves, alcohol, and other protective and precautionary equipment.



However, despite all the safety actions that the delivery couriers are doing to keep you safe, you can never really know where your package has been before getting into the hands of your delivery courier. Thus, it is best that you also do your part in fighting the virus.

How can I receive my package safely?

Here are some tips to apply for you to receive your package safely.

1. Practice social distancing

Always practice social distancing even when receiving your package. Minimize the contact with the courier as much as possible. This is both for you and the delivery courier’s safety.
You may also opt for a contactless delivery by settling your payment online (if permits). In this way, the courier may just leave the package at your doorstep instead of the face-to-face setup.


Observe Social Distancing


2. Use gloves (optional)

You may opt to use gloves when receiving your package since no one knows where exactly has been before it arrived to you. In this way, you can avoid touching the outer packaging with your bare hands. You can remove it once you sanitize the package.

3. Sanitize your package immediately

Wash any surfaces in the outer packaging and throw the unnecessary packaging immediately. Sanitize your package immediately after removing it from the outer packaging, or if it’s perishable goods, immediately wash it and transfer in a Tupperware before you put it in the refrigerator.


washing lettuce
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J&T Express, the number one e-Commerce delivery company in Southeast Asia, offers their services with fast deliveries and affordable rates! They also ensure the safety of your products with real-time tracking for you and your customers, as well as provide insurances and other safety precautions for it!
J&T Express is dedicated to helping local online businesses grow by providing quality delivery services. Today, they have over 400 branches across the Philippines.
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