Top 7 Waterproof Smartphones Available In The Philippines

Take underwater shots with these IP-68 rated smartphones.

IP aka Ingress Protection is a measurement of varying degrees of dust and liquid resistance. IP-68 rated smartphones are waterproof and dustproof. These smartphones can be a great companion for travel bloggers like you and me. Maximize your phone’s performance by capturing every moment in without worrying about the water and dust.

The following are the top IP-68 smartphones which you can bring on your underwater or dusty adventures:

1.Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

This is the latest addition to Samsung Galaxy S series. Known for its revolutionary design and stunning infinity display, Samsung Galaxy S8 can perform through rain and dust. S8 Plus, on the other hand, is the bigger version of Samsung Galaxy S8.


2. HTC U11

HTC introduced a new age of phone interactions through Edge Sense which allows you to enjoy the phone’s features with a simple squeeze. Aside from this, it is also water and dust proof and features HTC Alexa which makes it the world’s first hands-free smartphone allowing users to access their phone without even touching it.


3. LG G6 & G6 Plus

Despite having a big screen, LG G6 still comfortably fits in one hand with its attractive sleek design. Featuring Dolby Vision, LG G6 transforms your mobile viewing experience. It is also sealed against water and dust, allowing you to bring it anywhere. G6 Plus is the bigger version of LG G6.


4. Sony Xperia XZ & XZ Premium

Xperia XZ is Sony Xperia’s newest crown jewel, packed with advanced camera technologies making it capture movements without blur. It features a water and dust proof design, letting you capture every moment without worries. XZ Premium, on the other hand, is the world’s first smartphone with a 4K HDR display and features a Motion Eye camera, letting you capture any motion.


5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Do bigger things with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It’s water and dust proof making it perform bigger and better. Plus, it features wireless charging! Pretty cool, huh?


6. Samsung Galaxy S7

Before S8, there was S7. Samsung Galaxy S7 was the first in the Galaxy S series to redefine what a smartphone can do. Aside from being water and dust proof, it was also the first smartphone to have a camera with professional-grade Dual Pixel Sensor which allows the user to take crisp, clear photos in low light.


7. Samsung Galaxy A7

A for attitude. This smartphone will surely complement your style with as much attitude as you do with its classy design, safeguarded to withstand liquids and dust. Elegant and powerful, this Samsung Galaxy A7 is perfect for the fashionista in you.


Whether you’re looking for big or palm-fit smartphones, these IP-68 rated ones will surely satisfy your photography and blogging needs. These water and dust proof smartphones are all available in Widget City.

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