The Top Sneaker Trends To Pair With Sweats Right Now

Over the years, a few casual fashion combinations have changed the world for the better: jeans and t-shirts, sunglasses and a sunhat and sneakers and sweatpants. Of these three, perhaps the last one is trending upward with the strongest momentum. The sneakers and sweats combo is everywhere you go. It’s no longer just the province of the sporting set, though that look is too functional to ever go out of style. Now, though, sneakers and sweats belong in the house, on the campus and at the coffee shop. Puma sneakers and sweats look adorable for boy’s and girl’s, too. Your children will be comfortable and free to range around in the colorful designs of models such as the following:

  • Roma Gents Nubuck for boy’s
  • Basket Heart Velour for girl’s
  • Puma Wired Knit for boy’s
  • Suede Heart Snake for girl’s

Bright colors and comfortable fabrics look great with plain sweats or with flashier pants. Kids can pick out black, white, red, blue or burgundy shoes with a choice of patterns that include glitter, graphic, logo, camouflage or animal print. You’ll be happy, the kids will be happy and that’s another winning combination.

Top Sneakers for Grownups

There’s no reasons kids should have all of the fun. You can rock a good-looking combo of shoes and sweats and score a solid deal when shopping for puma clearance sneakers. You still get a large selection, but you also get some of the best prices on the planet for legendary brand names. Many of the adult options for men and women have a refined, classic sneaker style that looks serious and respectable. They pair nicely with sweatpants, offering a determined workout vibe. The selection is always being updated but you can get the stylish Avid Evoknit Su Khaki, a number of the famous Puma Suedes and the sharp Cell Venom at amazing prices. Choices exist for every occasion and lifestyle, whether you desire comfort, cool design or supreme functionality. If you are a runner, choose a style that fits your terrain from performance, trail and field and trail running. With the best deals, you pay only a fraction of the suggested retail price.

puma suede
Image: Unsplash

Cool Sneakers From Celebrities

Both basketball legend Ralph Simpson (the Silhouette) and star Selena Gomez (the Cali) have lent their name to the Puma brand, and now Rihanna has come on board with fenty Puma. The Trainer Mid Geo has style to spare, which is what anyone would expect with Rihanna as the Puma Creative Director. It features fully-knitted sock construction with traditional laces and the shoe stands on its own in just about any situation. Even with a snug fit it’s an easy on/off sneaker sporting the Puma cat logo on the heel. Best of all, it’s available at a super low price. Other Fenty/Puma collaborations include more choices of distinctive footwear, expressive sleepwear, hoodies and crop tops. Tights and sweatpants for women all carry the trademarks of bold designs, diversity of style and inclusiveness.  Shop online today and get the sneaker styles that look good with sweats and anything else that expresses your unique style.

Featured Image: Pexels

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