6 Types of Veger Powerbanks Available In The Philippines

The fast charging powerbank brand, VEGER, is now available in the Philippines

In today’s modern living where people are always busy and on-the-go, everyone’s in search for affordable yet reliable portable charger to keep their mobile phones up and running. A high quality and stylish powerbank that is not expensive but will always save your day and will last you for a real long time! Because of the fast growing demand of powerbanks in the Philippines, the leading powerbank brand in Indonesia, Thailand, Dubai, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar has now arrived in the Philippines. 

VEGER Power is a professional designer and manufacturer of powerbanks. It is known for making compact and stylish portable chargers, keeping up to the needs of the fast-pacing world. They offer different types of powerbanks – from best-selling portable chargers, quick chargers to digital display and wireless. The brand is selling 1 million pieces of high quality power banks every month for the international market. And to serve their markets’ needs even better, they opened a satellite office in Manila.

1. Common

One of the powerbanks offered by VEGER is the usual powerbank. Bulky and powerful. Available in 20000mAh

2. Slim

VEGER is known to be the creator of the World #1 Slim Powerbank. The brand also pioneers on slim portable chargers with built-in cable. You can choose from 5000, 10000, and 20000 mAh capacity. 

3. Compact

Aside from slim powerbanks, VEGER also pioneered small-compact models. They have stylish compact powerbanks available in massive mAh capacity. 

4. Palm

Bring your powerbanks in your pockets or just hold it without worries with VEGER’s palm powerbank. Small yet powerful, this palm powerbank is smaller than a soda can abd has dual USB output, uses lithium polymer batteries and features intelligent charging. 

5. Wireless

Hate cables? Go wireless with VEGER! They have a powerbank with wireless charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge features. Available in 8000 and 10000 mAh capacity. 

6. Digital

VEGER also offers a powerbank with digital feature where you can check the battery status in an intelligent LCD digital power display. It features High-speed-Charging Technology and IQ intelligent identification technology solution, which can automatically detect the current of dual output(USB output 1/2)ports to meet the charging requirements of each device.

Safety features

Aside from the mentioned features on each type of VEGER Powerbanks, it also has MultiProtect Safety System which are made with Superior Circuit Protection Chip that provides 6 Circuit Protection and High Performance Charging and Discharging Features:

• Overcurrent Protection

• Overvoltage Protection

• Temperature Protection

• Short Circuit Protection

• Input anti-reverse Protection

• Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection

Goodbye to low phone batteries! Be out and about with no worries! VEGER. It’s More Than A Powerbank! Search for VEGER in LazMall or Shopee Mall. Also available in selected shops at SM Cyberzone. Click here for more information about VEGER. Like their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their latest offerings, promos and discounts! The Factory located in Shenzhen China is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard certified.

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