Visa-Free Entry To Taiwan For Filipinos Extended Until 2020

Filipinos can still enter Taiwan visa-free until 2020

It’s confirmed! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan officially announced the extension of the visa-free travel program for Filipinos until July 31 of 2020. In case you missed it, the visa-free entry to Taiwan for Filipinos started its first trial run last 2017. After the first successful trial, they extended it for another year. And now they are extending it again!

Visa-free entry to Taiwan

Since the first year, thousands of Filipinos have traveled to Taiwan, especially to Taipei. The increasing number of Filipinos visiting Taiwan helped them racked up their tourism. Just like before, Philippine passport holders are still entitled with up to 14 days visa-free travel to Taiwan. Filipinos no longer need to secure a visa or “Travel Authorization Certificate” or E-visa to enter Taiwan. They will only be given a visa on arrival.

Places to visit in Taiwan

Considered to be the “Hidden Gem of Asia”, the small island of Taiwan boasts the beauty of its cities and countrysides. If you are either interested in exploring the city or a nature lover, there are many places that you can visit in Taiwan.

Taipei 101

Go to the 89th floor of Taipei 101 with the world’s fastest elevator and see the 360-views of Taipei. They also have an outdoor observatory on the 91st floor where you can see the Taiwan Strait.

taipei 101

National Palace Museum

Know the history and culture of Taipei by visiting the National Palace Museum. It houses a large number of Chinese art collections where you can learn about Chinese dynasties.

national palace museum in taipei

Meteor Garden Shooting Locations

Are you a fan of Meteor Garden? Book a Meteor Garden Sightseeing Tour in Chiayi and see in person the shooting locations of the famous Taiwan series. Bring your other half and fulfill your fangirl dreams by journeying through the beautiful love story of Shan Cain and Dao Ming Si.

Yilan Turtle Island

Are you a nature lover? Visit the mysterious volcano island in Yilan — the “Turtle Island”. Guishan Island is known as ’turtle island’ because of its turtle shape. It’s actually the only active volcano in Taiwan. You can see the dolphins and flying fish jumping out of water when you go on a boat tour. Yilan is also a perfect place for whale-watching.

dolphins swimming

You now don’t have to worry about getting a Taiwan visa. Begin booking for that Taiwan vacation and start planning your trip.

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