West Coast, Best Coast: Why You Should Move to California in 2022

Many people dream about living on the west coast, particularly California, with its golden sands and plentiful sunshine combined with mountains, lakes, and a more laid-back lifestyle. As Americans move forward from 2020/21, the changes that have come about due to the pandemic have resulted in the ability to live almost anywhere. 

More and more people are working from home and with historically low-interest rates, it’s possible to buy a property where it may not have been feasible in the past. While housing prices have continued to skyrocket, many new, more lucrative jobs were created by the tech industry. Cities like San Francisco might be out of reach, but there are plenty of smaller, desirable options to consider. 

If you search through the Los Angeles homes for sale, you’ll notice prices are typically lower than they are in the Golden Gate City and others in the Bay Area, with the median home price at $950,000. But Los Angeles County overall has a lower median home price of $835,000 and better values in towns like Encino, Studio City, and Playa Vista. 

But beyond the many employment opportunities and home prices, you’ll find many reasons to move to California in 2022.

It’s More Welcoming 

Los Angeles skyline
Image Credit: Freiheitsjunkie, Pixabay

Many come to California for its rich history of inclusion and diversity. It’s long been a melting pot of different cultures. In fact, the first settlers in Los Angeles were the Pobladores which consisted of just 11 families from Spanish, African, and Native American backgrounds. Throughout the 20th-century, immigrants arrived from more than 140 different countries, resulting in vibrant ethnic communities and a fantastic foodie scene.

The diversity includes people of all types and backgrounds that make it a more welcoming place for all. 

It’s a Place for Creativity

Walt Disney Center
Image Credit: Falkenpost, Pixabay

Artists of all types will fit into this state and find plenty to love. It’s arguably the creative capital of the country with its creative economy generating 1.5 million jobs. In fact, the state employs more in this industry, including entertainment, publishing, and fashion, than any other.

While Hollywood is famous for the film industry, Silicon Valley is the world’s innovation hub with inventors of all types convening here to work on technological advances that change the way people live across the globe. 

The Sunshine

Golden Gate Bridge
Image Credit: USA-Reiseblogger, Pixabay

As mentioned, many equate California with sunshine and warm weather. It is true that it’s one of the nation’s sunniest states, with the southern part the driest and warmest. Even in the mountainous areas home to ski resorts that get plenty of snow, experience plenty of crisp and cool sunny days, so if you’re tired of endless cloudy days and temperatures that are well below freezing, that’s just one more reason to make that move.

Outdoor Recreation and Healthy Food

Venice Beach in California
Image Credit: am84, Pixabay

There’s practically an unlimited number of ways to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in California with its varied terrain, from surfing the waves to skiing or boarding down the slopes. Some of the world’s greatest hiking and biking trails can be found in the mountains, while rivers and lakes add to the many opportunities for water sports. No wonder just 21 percent of adults in California report they get no physical activity. 

Plus, Californians also tend to enjoy healthier foods with access to plenty of fresh, organic produce. That’s likely a big part of the reason that the state has the lowest premature death rate per 100,000 residents, yet another good reason to move to the Golden State.

Featured Image Credit: USA-Reiseblogger, Pixabay

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