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What is the Safest Motorcycle Helmet?


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Motorcycle helmets and women’s leather motorcycle jackets are some of the best protections you can wear while riding. A leather jacket protects you against the elements and offers a defense against road burn when you crash. A motorcycle helmet protects your head against an impact on the road. There are many different styles, colors and sizes to give you the right options for the way you ride.

What to Know About Modular vs. Full-Faced Helmets

You may be wondering are modular helmets safe? Modular helmets have a hinge that lets the helmet open up. Full-faced helmets don’t have that option. When wearing a modular helmet, you should never ride open-faced. The helmet should only be flipped up when you’re stopped, such as a stoplight or when parked. Modular helmets are designed for comfort. Full-faced helmets offer more protection on the road in case of an impact. That’s not to say that modular helmets don’t have protection, but because the chin bar can be flipped, it can come loose during an impact.

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Other Types of Helmets You Can Buy

Modular and full-faced helmets are better for street racing, but they are not the only types of helmets. Open-faced helmets cover the side, top and back of the head. The face is completely left open. This type of helmet is often chosen by scooter riders or lower-speed bikers. Although you can buy an open-faced helmet with a visor, without the chin bar, it doesn’t offer enough protection in a high-speed impact. Off-road helmets are designed to be lightweight with a lot of ventilation. These helmets provide chin protection but aren’t intended for high speed riding. Off-road helmets don’t have as much insulation inside the helmet. If you’re looking for a helmet that offers protection for multiple types of riding, a dual-sport helmet might be your best option. This type of helmet is a dirt bike helmet that has been engineered with more comfort and protection features. Half-shell helmets are the minimum coverage required for riding but don’t offer high protection against the elements or an impact.

Choose Which Helmet is Best for You Based on Your Style of Riding

The best motorcycle helmets fit your head comfortably and safely. You want to choose a helmet based on how you ride. For riding on the road, you want a helmet that is DOT-certified. If you tend to ride at higher speeds, a full-faced helmet offers the most protection. Choosing a helmet shape depends on how you ride. You want to think about the position you’re in on your bike to get the shape that works best aerodynamically. Always choose a helmet that fits your head properly. When you’re wearing the helmet, it should move with your head. If your head moves inside the helmet, it isn’t fitted properly. Most experts will tell you that it’s better to have a well-fitted helmet that is appropriate for the way you ride than to have an expensive helmet that doesn’t fit.

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Shop for motorcycle helmets and other gear to protect yourself wherever the road takes you and your motorcycle.

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