Why Are So Many Movies Filmed in Calgary?

It is a pretty commonly known fact among the film industry that several movies are shot in Canada. But, there is one specific place whose secrets are still yet to be told. Several hit and famous movies, including Superman, were filmed in Calgary.

Calgary is not only home to the man of steel; it boasts several popular television series as well. For example, the series Fargo was filmed in Calgary. Now you are probably wondering, what is so special about Calgary? Well, below is a list of redeeming qualities that producers and filmmakers enjoy about shooting in Calgary.

Cost of production

The cost of production in the United States is far higher than it is in Canada. Also, you have to think about small price tags that are attached to creating a film. Think about staff, equipment, and all of those small things necessary for a movie to be produced. In a big-time Hollywood studio, there are double the amount of people that need to go on payroll and twice the amount of expensive equipment.

Many producers see Canada as a scapegoat for the terrible expenses that go into making a movie. The cost of production is cheaper, and when it’s all said and done, the little things add up to create a much smaller price tag.


calgary skyline
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Scenic Value

If you have ever been to Canada, you know that there are so many parts of the country that have exceptional outdoor scenic beauty. Calgary is no exception to this rule of thumb. If you have ever seen the city of Calgary lit up during the nighttime, you would swear that you were in the heart of New York City.

Plus, all of the beautiful nature in the surrounding areas make great outdoor scenes for several movies and TV shows. Producers and filmmakers see the beauty in a place like Calgary, and it is a no-brainer.


calgary bow building
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Variety of Places and Scenes to Choose From

When speaking of Calgary, many people think of just the city itself, but there are also places around the city that provide just as good a filming environment. The areas around the city are prevalent for their outdoor scenes in films. Calgary provides a variety of different scenes and places to play with to get the perfect shot at the ideal time, and that is what filmmaking is all about.

Among the filmmaking community, Calgary is one of those cities that is always a hit. Due to the cheap production of the film or series, the scenic presentation, and the variety of places to shoot, producers and filmmakers see Calgary as a city where any film could be shot at any time.

Also, several filmmakers have small places in Calgary, either rented or owned, because they have several shoots close to the city. There are several great Calgary homes for sale if you are interested in the film industry or love the appealing qualities that Calgary has to offer.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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